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Leader's Checklist to Pivot Forward In Unpredictable Times

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

The events of 2020 have required virtually every organization to pivot through uncertainty. Pivot its business and financial model, pivot its workforce, pivot its customer relationships, pivot its product marketing. All the while, evolving its culture to enable success in the new normal.

But pivoting requires momentum to excelerate your success in a new direction. Dixon|James provides strategic guidance and executional excellence to enable organizations to pivot forward with purpose. As we work to grow your people, brands and business, we use our communications and change management competencies to map your pivot forward.

We believe a new playbook to move forward in a COVID-19 altered environment requires these fundamental positions:

  • Clearly defined go-forward business plan, strategy and stated outcomes that reflects shifting paradigms understood by your internal and external stakeholders.

  • Visible, engaged, connected, humble, sensing and empathetic leadership that conveys reassurance but publicly recognizes the unpredictable road ahead.

  • Top leadership to middle tier managers trained and equipped to lead organizational change.

  • Engaged employees with clear understanding of business strategy, roles, and workforce expectations.

  • A WFH and return to workplace strategy and emotional support programs for employees to navigate uncertainty.

  • Updated customer service, experience and engagement plan.

  • Updated DEI philosophy and work plan to address increasing calls for racial equity.

  • Tech enablement plan based upon learnings of the forced digital transformation due to WFH requirements.

  • Forward-facing involving culture with transparency, participative, adaptive, technology embracing realistic of the challenges ahead.

  • Updated supply chain perspective based upon learnings and interruptions experienced during the pandemic.

  • A dedicated plan on how to realize new opportunity from the crisis of 2020.

Dixon|James works with organizations to Pivot Forward, excelerating your success in a new direction.


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