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crisis communications



Expect the unexpected.

According to the insurance firm Marsh, every $1 spent in crisis planning is worth $7 in losses averted.

The Institute for Crisis Management reports that more than 75% of all corporate crises are triggered from within the company; that of the 15 major potential crisis categories, only three have predominantly external triggers. That’s why Dixon|James works with clients to conduct a thoughtful vulnerabilities assessment to first mitigate issues before they become an issue. Then we zero in on the threats that have the greatest potential for interrupting your business and impacting your reputation and put comprehensive plans in place to management them. Then we are by their side should crisis hit and they need on-site counsel to manage an escalating issue that risks damaging their reputation.

Every $1 spent in crisis planning is worth $7 in losses averted.

Let's get started.

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  • Audit of Current Risk Assessment Plans


  • Review of Reputational Risks


  • Develop Stakeholder Matrix

  • Conduct 5 Leadership and Business Unit Interviews

  • Hold Three-Hour Vulnerabilities Workshop


  • Present Assessment Recommendations to Include Pre-Emptive Issues Mitigation Recommendations


  • Timeframe: 5 Weeks


  • Outcome: Understanding of Reputational Risks to Build Your Crisis Plan Upon 


(Based upon completed Vulnerabilities Assessment)


  • Pre-Emptive Issues Mitigation Plan

  • Develop Key Message Framework

  • Outline Trigger Action Steps

  • Identify Team and Resources Needed

  • Produce Crisis Tool Kit

  • Hold Two-Hour Virtual Leadership and Crisis Team Training


  • Timeframe:  4-6 Weeks


  • Outcome: Fully Actionable Custom Crisis Plan, Team Prepped and Ready to Activate If Needed

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