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Your brand is your heart and soul. To us it is your most valuable assest and needs to be carefully managed and grown.

We have long committed ourselves to promoting and protecting brands, and that includes creating the core of your positioning that differentiates you in the marketplace. Our team will use its creative and strategic muscles to:

  • research your unique market opportunities

  • create your brand positioning

  • develop your brand and go-to-market strategy

  • design your graphic identify and guidelines

  • build your website and design digital marketing efforts

  • design your Employer Brand and engage employees

Our work in rebranding organizations was so successful, we recently spun off our rebrand team as a separate agency focused solely on that business strategy. Learn more at The Rebranding Experts.

“Dixon|James’ work was transformational to us, as it has caused the public to view us in a fresh way that enables us to touch more lives through our work.”

Dennis Sonnenberg, CEO

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