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Wendy is a seasoned agency and corporate public relations pro who leads research efforts and offers senior client counsel.

Top clients represented: General Mills, Florida Dept. of Citrus, McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, IRI, Lipton Tea, Blue Cross & Blue Shield Association, Andersen Consulting/Accenture, Campbell Soup Company

Proudest professional achievement: Ten-year relationship with the Florida Department of Citrus, successfully renewed every three years per state law, based on trust, integrated planning and great teamwork/execution.

Years of experience: 30+

Most bizarre career experience: Appearing in costume as the boy Campbell's Soup Kid (it's very hot inside those huge heads!)

Greatest advice you’ve ever received: Always continue to work on your vocabulary. Having the right words makes you smart.

Favorite brand: Nikon

Most memorable childhood experience: water skiing at sunset ... every day, all summer

Favorite vacation destination: Leelanau Peninsula, Michigan ... or Paris

Ideal Sunday schedule: coffee, spiritual inspiration, brunch, a photo walk, football snacks

Little known talent: juggling (mostly schedules of a busy family of four!)

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