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Curt has been an art director and designer for more than 25 years.

His creative background found roots as a designer and illustrator and as his experience and talents evolved and grew, become a highly respected branding and design director. Curt marries the power of strong visuals with the demands of effective communications to create award-winning marketing, advertising, and image campaigns over a full range of platforms—including digital, print, environmental, packaging, and event marketing. And this experience covers an wide array of fields for consumer, non-profits, and business-to-business clients.

Proudest professional achievement: In St. Maarten on vacation with my new girlfriend (now my wife). We picked up the Wall Street Journal in the gift shop at the hotel and saw the full page ad I had designed for MCI. In the Banana Republic!

Years of experience: 32

Most bizarre career experience: Being arrested and thrown in jail for scalping tickets at a corporate event at Wrigley Field.

Greatest advice you’ve ever received: If you take the time to do a job, take the time to do it right.

Favorite brand: Starbucks

Most memorable childhood experience: Got a hole-in-one on way to a 3-under par 33 when I was 16. The old guys got mad because it was a tradition at the country club, the guy getting the hole in one would buy drinks, and I was too young. And too broke.

Favorite vacation destination: Miami Beach

Ideal Sunday schedule: Going to an antique flea market and making it home in time to watch the Bears’ game with my daughter on a snowy afternoon.

Little known talent: I can flip an object behind my back, over the top of my head and straight down into my waiting palm without moving it.

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