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Lauren specializes in senior level consulting work which includes media relations and corporate communications strategy development.


With a deep understanding of national, business and trade media, she brings extensive experience managing national and international communications campaigns for a diverse range of clients, including, Wells Fargo, Symyx Technologies and Intel. Past client coverage includes garnering visibility for clients ranging from CNBC’s Mad Money to Squawk Box, Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine and New York Times. Her agency career includes positions at Ogilvy Public Relations, Ruder Finn, Financial Dynamics and OutCast Communications.

Proudest professional achievement: Too many to cite!


Years of experience: More than 17 years


Most bizarre career experience: I shared an office with a colleague who always worked with clients that specialized in female and sexual related products. It always created an interesting environment to work in.


Greatest advice you’ve ever received: Trust your gut.


Favorite brand: Marc Jacobs


Most memorable childhood experience: Joy riding late at night in my dad’s 300ZX twin turbo car with my best friend.


Favorite vacation destination: Panama


Ideal Sunday schedule: Sleep in, go on a hike with my two dogs; spend the rest of the day cooking for my family.


Little known talent: I was one of the fastest typers in my typing class; To this day, can still type at record speed.

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