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As copywriter, creative director and self-appointed pundit, Jim has been creating evocative, highly human, award-winning advertising and ruminations about advertising for 30 years.

Over 100 advertisers in every category from financial, food and phones to pharmaceuticals, fund-raising and fun stuff like theme parks and various foamy beverages, have benefitted from Jim’s thinking and writing, which has made itself at home in TV, DRTV, video, radio, print, outdoor, direct mail, digital ads, website content and related online contexts, POP and other media. He has won awards in every one of his 30 years in advertising.

Top clients represented: Anheuser-Busch, Amoco, Cantata Adult Life Services, Columbia College, Coors, Crain’s Chicago Business, DDB Worldwide, Discover Card, Frito Lay, Kaiser Permanente, Kidorable, LG, Lions Clubs International, McDonald’s, Miles Laboratories, Park Hyatt, P&G, Shure, Smurfit-Stone, State Farm Insurance, Xerox, YMCA


Proudest professional achievement: The book I’m writing on advertising.


Years of experience: 33


Most bizarre career experience: Creating the sound of human skin growing over a 24-hour period for a radio ad.

Greatest advice you’ve ever received: Zag

Favorite brand: Southwest Airlines

Most memorable childhood experience: Attending Monterey Pop


Favorite vacation destination: Lake Superior or Australia

Ideal Sunday schedule: Watch Sunday Morning, lunch at Dengeos in Skokie, watch Sox game, nap, go to a movie.

Little known talent: I play a mean ocarina.

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