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Dixon|James Supports Organizations Pivot Forward Through 2020 Unpredictability

The events of 2020 have required virtually every organization to pivot through uncertainty. Pivot its business and financial model, pivot its workforce, pivot its customer relationships, pivot its product marketing. All the while, evolving its culture to enable success in the new normal.

But pivoting requires momentum to excelerate your success in a new direction. Dixon|James provides strategic guidance and executional excellence to enable organizations to pivot forward with purpose. As we work to grow your people, brands and business, we've tailored our communications and change management service offerings to meet today's challenges and help you pivot forward:

Internal Stakeholders

· Communicating strategic course changes

· Helping leaders lead the needed change

· Engaging workforce

· Culture evolution

· Employer brand evolution

· DEI implementation

· Change management rigor to support transformation and accelerated technology implementations

External Audiences

· Crisis communications management

· Product marketing

· Customer experience communications

· Reputation management

· Reassuring executive visibility

· Business building thought leadership

Pivot Forward. Excelerate your success in a new direction.


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