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A Startup Led By Grownups

Dixon|James Communications was established by Jim Heininger who has been building and safeguarding some of the most respected brands for more than 30 years. Jim is a consumer and corporate brand marketing expert and experienced issues management and crisis counselor. He previously held leadership positions at the Chicago offices of Ogilvy, Porter Novelli and Ketchum and served as a communications consultant to McDonald’s Corporation. Jim is best known for his work with McDonald’s (managing through nutrition issues affecting corporate reputation), Procter & Gamble, Wendy’s (making Founder Dave Thomas a cultural icon and patron saint of adoption), Miller Brewing Company, Lions Clubs International (global branding campaign on Lions’ efforts to conquer blindness) and many other blue-chip brands.

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Jim HeiningerJim Heininger  

Top clients represented: McDonald’s, P&G, Anheuser-Busch, Lions Clubs, Motorola, Wendy’s

Proudest professional achievement: CIPRA Award for industry’s most creative work of the year, a program for Rand McNally putting a young boy’s grandparent’s town on the map. Best of Show award after only five years in the business!

Years of experience: 30

Most bizarre career experience: Representing the leading restroom infection control company.

Greatest advice you’ve ever received: Do on to others…..

Favorite brand: Gatorade

Most memorable childhood experience: Not a good one, knocking my front tooth out on a swing in fourth grade

Favorite vacation destination: Anyplace with a beach and lots of sunshine

Ideal Sunday schedule: Homemade breakfast, church, family outing, great workout, read Sunday newspaper, check in with the folks

Little known talent: Throw a mean cartwheel

LaurenTimen - B-WLauren Timen

Lauren specializes in senior level consulting work which includes media relations and corporate communications strategy development. With a deep understanding of national, business and trade media, she brings extensive experience managing national and international communications campaigns for a diverse range of clients, including, Wells Fargo, Symyx Technologies and Intel. Past client coverage includes garnering visibility for clients ranging from CNBC’s Mad Money to Squawk Box, Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine and New York Times. Her agency career includes positions at Ogilvy Public Relations, Ruder Finn, Financial Dynamics and OutCast Communications.

Proudest professional achievement: Too many to cite!

Years of experience: More than 17 years

Most bizarre career experience: I shared an office with a colleague who always worked with clients that specialized in female and sexual related products. It always created an interesting environment to work in.

Greatest advice you’ve ever received: Trust your gut.

Favorite brand: Marc Jacobs

Most memorable childhood experience: Joy riding late at night in my dad’s 300ZX twin turbo car with my best friend.

Favorite vacation destination: Panama

Ideal Sunday schedule: Sleep in, go on a hike with my two dogs; spend the rest of the day cooking for my family.

Little known talent: I was one of the fastest typers in my typing class; To this day, can still type at record speed.


JimMorrisJim Morris

As copywriter, creative director and self-appointed pundit, Jim has been creating evocative, highly human, award-winning advertising and ruminations about advertising for 30 years. Over 100 advertisers in every category from financial, food and phones to pharmaceuticals, fund-raising and fun stuff like theme parks and various foamy beverages, have benefitted from Jim’s thinking and writing, which has made itself at home in TV, DRTV, video, radio, print, outdoor, direct mail, digital ads, website content and related online contexts, POP and other media. He has won awards in every one of his 30 years in advertising.

Top clients represented: Anheuser-Busch, Amoco, Cantata Adult Life Services, Columbia College, Coors, Crain’s Chicago Business, DDB Worldwide, Discover Card, Frito Lay, Kaiser Permanente, Kidorable, LG, Lions Clubs International, McDonald’s, Miles Laboratories, Park Hyatt, P&G, Shure, Smurfit-Stone, State Farm Insurance, Xerox, YMCA

Proudest professional achievement: The book I’m writing on advertising.

Years of experience: 33

Most bizarre career experience: Creating the sound of human skin growing over a 24-hour period for a radio ad.

Greatest advice you’ve ever received: Zag

Favorite brand: Southwest Airlines

Most memorable childhood experience: Attending Monterey Pop

Favorite vacation destination: Lake Superior or Australia

Ideal Sunday schedule: Watch Sunday Morning, lunch at Dengeos in Skokie, watch Sox game, nap, go to a movie.

Little known talent: I play a mean ocarina.


CurtCurt Hamilton

Curt has been an art director and designer for over 25 years. His creative background found roots as a designer and illustrator and as his experience and talents evolved and grew, become a highly respected branding and design director. Curt marries the power of strong visuals with the demands of effective communications to create award-winning marketing, advertising, and image campaigns over a full range of platforms—including digital, print, environmental, packaging, and event marketing. And this experience covers an wide array of fields for consumer, non-profits, and business-to-business clients.

Proudest professional achievement: In St. Maarten on vacation with my new girlfriend (now my wife). We picked up the Wall Street Journal in the gift shop at the hotel and saw the full page ad I had designed for MCI. In the Banana Republic!

Years of experience: 32

Most bizarre career experience: Being arrested and thrown in jail for scalping tickets at a corporate event at Wrigley Field.

Greatest advice you’ve ever received: If you take the time to do a job, take the time to do it right.

Favorite brand: Starbucks

Most memorable childhood experience: Got a hole-in-one on way to a 3-under par 33 when I was 16. The old guys got mad because it was a tradition at the country club, the guy getting the hole in one would buy drinks, and I was too young. And too broke.

Favorite vacation destination: Miami Beach

Ideal Sunday schedule: Going to an antique flea market and making it home in time to watch the Bears’ game with my daughter on a snowy afternoon.

Little known talent: I can flip an object behind my back, over the top of my head and straight down into my waiting palm without moving it.