Restaurant Marketing

From Farm to Table

Our work in the restaurant industry is unmatched by most marketing communications firms.

Our experience covers:  supply chain strategies, restaurant operations, multi-unit marketing communications, new product offerings, nutrition testing and strategies, consumer promotion, leadership positioning and overall corporate brand reputation.  And our experience is broad, including work for McDonald’s Corporation, Wendy’s, Little Caesar’s, and El Torito, and with those leading companies who serve the restaurant industry, such as Cargill.

Bye Bye to Trans Fats

When McDonald’s Corporation wanted to serve its customer its iconic French fries without trans fats, Dixon|James helped provide the communications and change management support to transition.

Grease The Wheels

To rollout its in-restaurant maintenance and equipment repair program, McDonald’s called on Dixon|James to brand and market the time and cost saving  advantages to its system.

Founding Fathers

Our Founder Jim Heininger played an instrumental role in helping to make Wendy’s Founder Dave Thomas a cultural icon.  Whether it was the Well Done! book tour that inspired Dave to finish his graduation from high school to becoming the “patron saint” of adoption, Jim’s programs helped make one of the most successful advertising spokespersons, one of the authentic.