Corporate Reputation

Nuturing and Safeguarding Your Most Valuable Asset

Reputation builds competitive advantage.

Organizations with better reputations do better financially, attract and keep talent at lower costs, have lower capital costs and more easily gain stakeholder support in times of need. Corporate reputation is estimated to be worth 4 to 5 percent of sales per year.  It’s no wonder companies turn to Dixon|James to build their reputations among key stakeholders to increase shareholder value.  We manage CEO visibility, align employees, engage influencers, effectively tell a company’s purpose and highlight its support of the global community.  And all the while we work to safeguard the company’s reputation and protect its value.

Creating Value

Dixon|James has support Chicago-based Enova International for five plus years providing corporate reputation management and brand building support for the online lender.

Showing The Luv

McDonald’s Corporation called upon Dixon|James to provide change management and strategic communications support  for a wide variety  corporate initiatives, from internal alignment behind new business strategies, to system-wide support of product and operations changes.

Orchestrating Evolution in Adult Life Services

Our successful rebranding of Cantata Adult Life Services spurred new opportunities for the organization when other senior care providers asked for their help in a similar transformation.  Dixon|James helped brand and launch a new sister organization Cantata Business Performance Services with multiple B2B consulting service lines that direct better delivery of services in a rapidly evolving industry.