Consumer Brands

Building Preference, Trial and Advocacy

Achieving preferred brand status in consumers’ minds requires the strategic insight and energized ideas that Dixon|James’ team has delivered for years.

Whether it’s launching a new product/service or revitalizing an existing consumer brand, we bring the innovative techniques to build influencer support, inform and motivate consumers and engage retail to make cash registers ring. Integrated marketing communications firm Dixon|James is home to a seasoned team of passionate marketing communications specialists armed with proprietary methods designed to excelerate your brand through the potent, focused process of articulation x alignment x activation.


Just The Facts

When the world’s largest restaurant chain decided to proactively communicate nutrition values of its products to consumer on packaging and menu boards, Dixon|James was there to provide guidance and communications support.

Play That Funky Music

A Nashville partnership wanted to energize the way music is taught in grade schools and embraced by American kids.  We helped introduce Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music, a classroom DVD series for elementary school music teachers and, a website featuring a whole world of musical discovery where kids can explore, discover and create music.  Music class will never be the same.

Overcoming Financial Emergencies

CashNetUSA is the leading online provider of short-term cash advances to help Americans deal with financial emergencies.  Our proactive brand building and SEO driving public relations machine makes sure they are the most remembered lender too.