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Why We Exist

As a marketing communications firm, Dixon|James exists to excelerate your business success through a powerful blend of business consulting and strategic communications. We exist for clients, not to serve shareholders. We bring an unrivaled dedication to your business success, which means we’ll work to deeply understand your business, propose and follow strategic plans which work toward desired outcomes, and continually present new ideas and thinking that might help your business.

Where We Come From

To understand what Dixon|James is all about, you need to know something about our namesakes: Alfred Dixon and James Harvey. They are my grandfathers. Alfred Dixon was a minister (like his father and grandfather before him) and a missionary who raised his young family in China while serving as church pastor and school principal. His life was focused on serving others in need. He was a passionate optimist, powerful teacher, and a persuasive communicator with a booming voice.

James Harvey played an instrumental role in the success of the railroad in the mid-century. He was responsible for trafficking trains and precious cargo to their intended destination. His intense knowledge of the subject, extreme attention to detail, and desire to deliver results as promised were expressed daily.

The experiences and combined qualities of these two men, and most importantly their commitment to integrity, respect, collaboration, precision and fearlessness, are the qualities imbedded in Dixon | James today. To honor their lives, the firm donates 5% of its annual profit to those in need.  Once again this year the firm supportedMake-A-Wish-Logo the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois, in its efforts to provide hope, strength and joy to children facing life threatening conditions.



Alfred Dixon

Alfred Dixon

James Harvey

James Harvey