Our Proprietary Approach

Xcelerate: To surpass the competition by driving your business forward faster, fueled by communications steeped in superior strategic acumen, deep experience and unwavering focus on your business goals. It’s the power of Dixon|James, a Chicago-based marketing communications firm.

Your brand is a set of expectations in your consumer’s mind generated by its brand promise. A strong, fully realized brand is critical to your success. In fact it is, arguably, your most valuable asset, because it enables you to:

  • Capture market share as well as mind share in your category
  • Secure a sustained, engrained bond with your audiences
  • Deliver superior financial performance
  • Withstand challenge and controversy

If a brand merely exists, it won’t for long.

If it isn’t evolving, thriving, expanding, it is languishing, diminishing, dying. Dixon|James specializes in strengthening, nourishing, expanding brands…to excelerate your business success.


This is a focused, disciplined, exhaustive process.

In order to exercise control over the consumer expectations that constitute your brand, it must be clearly and fully articulated. This articulation ensures that your brand is relevant and meaningful to key audiences, and that strategic points of difference are unmistakably communicated.

Your brand is your voice, your face, your presence in your consumer’s mind. Experiencing your brand must feel coherent and consistent. Achieving this seamless experience requires the thoughtful, thorough, ongoing alignment of every communication effort and brand touchpoint. At the same time, on the other end of the continuum, your brand strategy must align tightly with and contribute to your business objectives.

Finally, your brand must be activated so that stakeholders, through integrated marketing communications efforts, can deliver the promise of your brand, which, in turn, generates the expectations that inform the brand.

Dixon|James is home to a seasoned team of passionate marketing communications specialists armed with proprietary methods designed to excelerate your brand through this focused process.